John Dedzej

Involved in photography and technology for 30+ years. Provide Turn-key Virtual Tours from Albertville to Owatonna to West Wisconsin along with a Team of Photographers. Active in bringing communities together through photography and my many years in marketing, Web design, real estate plus my teaching at adult community education classes on “Capturing Moments and Telling Your Story”.

TourFactory™ Virtual Tours provide the most economical far reaching marketing method in promoting a listing and branding yourself. If you need some added punch, use the professional type fliers or CD easy design format to extend your marketing. To monitor a listing’s activity share the easy to read statistical reports. TourFactory™, with over 20 years of experience, continues to bring great marketing products and services to your doorstep, such as the recent addition of a FREE personal website for TourFactory™ Virtual Tour subscribers. For more information, fill out the form below, which will email me personally.

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