Welcome to John Dedzej Photography. I am a professional real estate photographer serving the Twin Cities+ area. The photos my team and I provide can be turned into an online tour that tells the buyer the story of the home.

TourFactory™ Virtual Tours provide the most economical far reaching marketing method in promoting a listing and branding yourself. If you need some added punch, use the professional type flyers or CD easy design format to extend your marketing. To monitor a listing’s activity share the easy to read statistical reports. TourFactory™, with over 15 years of experience, continues to bring great marketing products and services to your doorstep, such as the recent addition of a FREE personal website for TourFactory™ Virtual Tour subscribers.

TourFactory™ – THE expert in local real estate photography and video. Imagine getting more listings, selling listings faster, and having access to over 20 syndications than agents who don’t use TourFactory™.

Check out the TourFactory website for more information and then call me. I’ll be happy to go over all the benefits TourFactory™ provides you.

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